The sad state of primary education in Pakistan has already been covered on our blog previously here while discussing the importance of teach for Pakistan initiative. Recently Pakistan Education Task Force released some mindblowing statistics about primary education and Pakistan’s role in UN’s MDG of education for all. The post on has comprehensively covered this issue. Let’s join hands to act and lets start by signing the petition here. The education taskforce has called for “March for Education”: All Pakistan should talk bout during march is education (and cricket).


Pakistan’s flood of 2010 was the largest in the country’s history. We still haven’t  recovered from the incredible destruction of life, property and infrastructure that it left in its wake. No one can argue that if such a calamity were to occur year after year, the existence of the country would be in jeopardy. The economic impact of a 2010 like flood year after year is no different than the long-term consequence of illiteracy in Pakistan!

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