Michael Trucano praises Chile for introducing ICTs into education in a systematic manner. “Chilean experience is perhaps the most lauded and studied” he says. According to him Enlaces started off as connectivity pilot project, rooted in universities, not essentially limited to technology but incorporating teacher training and digital content, long before other such projects could implement these essentials. The initial Pilot was such a success that it led to immediate expansion into a national project of education ministry. To date 1100 schools participate in the project and nearly 110,000 teachers have participated in professional development courses. “The national education portal is considered a model by many other countries. By next year, the government projects that it will have a student: computer ratio of 10:1. Many other countries look at such figures with envy.”

Trucano says that being a primary model doesn’t guarantee sustained leadership, in particular, technology advancement keeps revolutionizing the role of ICTs in education.  Trucano cites example of Uruguay’s roll-out of 1-to-1 computing for all primary students under Plan Ceibal. However, ever increasing computer density poses child safety issues.

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