M. Zain Mustafa, DE 29, DCE

Blogging 101 was an initiative by ICTEC (Information Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship club) to expose emenents to the fast expanding web culture. The main attraction of the event was the guest speaker, Badar Kushnood, currently the country advisor to Google for Pakistan. So powerful were his words that by the time the event ended, every attendee had his mind set to open his own blog as soon as possible, myself included.

Badar started off with some videos and statistics on slides. Amongst the many statistics displayed, Pakistan was shown as the world’s 3rd largest country in terms of broadband usage, just above India and the 4rth largest in term of mobile phone usage, just below India. Badar then continued on to introduce ways for programmers to get projects off the web and earn money through them. He was very interactive with the audience, and involved them throughout the event. Continuing on, he departed various invaluable tips and tricks for bloggers to boost their popularity on the web. He comprehensively discussed how to use services such as Insight, Google Alerts and SCO to your Blog’s advantage, but perhaps his most meticulous discussion was pertained to the Google Ad sense service and the Pay per Click (PPC) concept. This was the focal point of the event, as Badar showed the audience how easy and simple it was to earn money off the web.

Along Badar, guests to the event were Haris Nadeem and Faheem Mumtaz. These two were invited by Badar as success stories for blogging in Pakistan for the event. Haris, a 1st year FSC student from Lahore is a blogger who owns www.sizzledcore.com, left the audience in awe just by revealing that he earns an average $4000 a month, and has worked for CNN as a reporter, all courtesy of his Blog. A minor as yet, Haris was a standing example of the outstanding potential within Pakistan towards development of media on web. The other guest for case study, Faheem was a professional in Search Engine Optimization from Islamabad. His Blog, www.paperpk.com, is a simple yet successful implementation of the idea of uploading paper Ads onto the web.

Blogging 101 was a Red Bull sponsored event. Halfway though the event, the Red Bull team served the addressees with a can each, stirring up more energy in an already enthusiastic audience.

As the event approached its end, all three guests positioned themselves onto the stage and invited queries from the audience, which battered them with questions ranging all over Badar’s talk. The event ended in an atmosphere of high energy and enthusiasm.