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Technology for Social Good

Welcome everyone!

The Orientation of the ICTE Club will start at ECR tomorrow (20th March) 0945 hrs followed by the lecture by CEO BrightSpyre Atif Mumtaz on “Technology for social Good”

The lecture will focus on the following areas:

  • What is Social Entrepreneurship
  • What are the characteristics
  • What are the challenges and 
  • Examples of Social Entrepreneurial projects

VENUE: ECR LAB Computer department


Atif Mumtaz biography

The first lecture of ICTEC is to be delivered by Mr. Atif Mumtaz. So let’s get to know him first:

Atif Mumtaz is a Pakistani entrepreneur promoting ICT technologies in the developing countries. He is one of the fellows at Reuters Digital Vision Program at Stanford University. Mr. Mumtaz has previously worked with COMSATS and United Nations. He is currently CEO BrightSpyre. 

Achievments :-

  • Co-founder BrightSpyre – Pakistan’s Largest Job Hunting Portal.
  • Co-founder Personforce – International Online Hiring Solutions.
  • Founder of Cogilent Solutions – Internet Startup.
  • Co-founder Tele-healthcare -Tele-healthcare technological solutions for disaster hit areas.
  • Received “Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2004” from Shell.
  • Received ” Young Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, 2007″ from DHL.

Specialities :-
Startups, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Social Networking, Mobile SN Solutions, HR based web portals.

Technical Abilities :-
Technical Skills: PHP/Perl, PostgreSQL, MySQL, CSS, Javascript among others

In Mr.Mumtaz’s own words “I am an entrepreneur, a poet and an avid cricket fan who sometimes plays in the local cricket league.”

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