Living in this era of “technology” one happens to come across several bizarre scenarios, which simply do not make any sense. Internet is the rule of law in this era and most up to date professionals in computers happen to be engineers in Pakistan. Almost everyone knows that the job postings are mostly announced online, in fact many smart people would join the online hiring portals and the mailing lists to stay abreast of these opening, yet most of our engineers appear totally naïve when it comes to maintaining of mailing lists. In this entire college, full of engineers, we hardly have any mailing lists (yahoo groups etc) of which all the students of a class are part of.

Working with the officer in-charge placement office I have had a good deal of experience of the total chaos we have in our college. Seeing from this end of the world my fellow engineers seem to be living in a world almost a decade back! Yes its true. Let us be specific in quoting examples. I have been trying to ask the students from various disciplines to work on improving their yahoo groups. Now most of the classes have separate groups for separate sections: seems like they live in close clan societies! Groups are configured not to accept mails from the non-members, making it impossible to mail them any urgent news regarding some job opening.

Most interesting scenario is that the mailing list of 27 computers is the most flawed of all! Mails sent to their yahoo group address simply get lost in the communication network backbone or maybe routers all over have been configured not to forward mails from placement office to 27 Computers!

Its not really the group of 27 Computers in serious trouble, the Mechanical 27 hasn’t really been able to bring all the class fellows on one single group: seems like they aren’t much interested in useful mails. The only well organized groups are of 27 Mechatronics and 27 Electrical: both having almost all the class on-board. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone gets the mails! The email address of 27 Mechatronics group seems too tedious to get hold of. You have to see every time if you have entered all the scores (“-“) correctly. So we are left alone with 27 Electrical’s yahoo group. Phew! we have a one living example. No problems registered with 27 Electrical’s group. All information gets through “unharmed” or without being “bounced back”.

The dimensions of this digital mess extend much beyond. The traditional flow of information from the Cadet Battalion is still through the Staff (reminds me of postmen). News regarding the closing of college due to strikes or else the news of the start of semester is conveyed through the “traditional-old-fashioned- IONs”. Emails seem to be a thing of next century here! Most funny situation occurs when I ask my fellow SNS about the change of uniform to summer uniform and they tell me they don’t know it: I end up informing them that Army has taken off sweaters. Gosh! Do these college appointments do anything worthwhile or not is a separate issue but at-least the cadet battalion can do us a lot of favor by passing on info to our “representatives”:@

Welcome to the world with digital-divide. We have technology but we don’t know how to use it or even worst of all do not want to use it! Those who feel hurt with this mail and want to bring a difference are most welcome to contact the writer and we can help bridge the digital divide through the ICT and Entrepreneurship Club.