The history of the blog goes back to 2009. In 2008, the authors Aneeqa Ishaq and Uzair Sukhera were selected to attend ITU Telecom Asia Youth Forum held at Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose of the forum was to introduce youth to the world of global telecommunications. Aneeqa and Uzair participated actively in the workshops and sessions and came back to Pakistan, with an enthusiasm to share their learning with their fellow youth and university colleagues. So together they established ICT and Entrepreneurship Club (ICTEC). The purpose of the club was to create opportunities for students to learn entrepreneurship and leadership skills and to encourage them to use ICTs in their initiatives. Initially, through blog, they just shared information about our ongoing projects and upcoming events.

In 2009, the authors were selected as winners of ITU Blogging Competition and were offered to work as consultants on ITU’s latest initiative ‘Connecting Schools, Connecting Communities’. Then the blog transformed into a platform through which they shared their research on school/ community connectivity initiatives with the world in the form of blog posts. The blog has a huge set of information on ICT4D, ICT in education and community development initiatives from all over the world.