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Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Engineers

Innovation and Entrepreneurship seem like alien words in the world of College of E&ME, where walking on the layed out (SOP certified) line is “siraat-e-mustakeem”. The lack of appreciation for different personalities and their ideas, coupled with the sole benchmarking based on GPA has turned it into a stagnant system. The immediate and evident consequences of this being that the top notch students of nation coming to this college are provided with a mindset (by default) to seek jobs. Starting a new business or a venture is out of their books! Or at least a lowest grade back up. Students would even prefer low income research jobs (even though they don’t have research aptitude). A brief study of stats shows that it was not until the recession hit market cut down vacancies, that the students started thinking of doing something of their own, otherwise doing own business is out of question. Not that the students aren’t capable enough or worst non-innovative, it’s the general mindset of society, educational institute and the family that first goal set for fresh grads is to find some “cool” job – which necessarily entails some famous multinational or a permanent government job.

Breaking this ice of stagnation, Society of ICTs arranged a lecture on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship for engineers”. The guest speaker was the well-known, Mr. Adnan Shahid (president EME Alumni Association, De 14EE Graduate, Director post paid solutions at Mobilink and an MBA from MIT). The speaker had a solid IT background polished by the studies at MIT. He has been lately talking to the college administration to promote new ideas and concepts in a bit to foster entrepreneurial ventures by EMEnets. These are the earliest attempts of shifting the excessive academic focus of the college administration though. It might take much time to develop an atmosphere conducive to innovative minds to break the conventions and take up new challenges – eventually to get spin out companies formed by college graduates.

Though the lecture was held at a very short notice, the simplistic yet inspirational speaking skills of the guest kept the audience alive, interested and at the same time calling their pals to come to ECR (through SMS). Sir Adnan presented several examples of small ideas which later on changed the technology or the lives of people. Through the brilliant examples and news report clippings (from Pakistani newspapers) he explained the terms Innovation and invention as well as their link. He presented several case studies to students e.g. Facebook, his target of research, and presented his analysis of the marketing techniques Facebook guys implemented to make it such a huge success. Mr. Adnan challenged the students to come up with ideas along with their business proposals and start their own ventures. He presented the examples of content development (applications, wallpapers, ringtones etc.) for Mobilink itself. The students look forward to more of such lectures by alumni to guide them and inspire them J Society of ICTs will be working with the Alumni Liaison Committee to hold more of such lectures. Next semester a series of lectures on software development are also planned with the alumni owning software houses.


Nokia Innovation Contest

Finally the details of the NOKIA Innovation contest as prophesized in our previous post are out. The contest details are available at the Official Site. The targeted contest for Pakistani Developers are here. The contest focuses on development of mobile applications.

Access all details regarding the contest here. read more

Courtesy: Human Network

Great news! Aneeqa Ishaq, a member of the Human Network community and president ICTEC participated in 2009 ITU Cybersecurity and ICT Applications Essay Competition and was selected as one of the winners. She has been offered a consultancy contract within the ITU Development Sector’s ICT Applications and Cybersecurity Division in Geneva, Switzerland.

Aneeqa has recently graduated with a degree in Electrical Enginering from the National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan where she was one of the co-founders of the ICT and Enterprenurship club. While at university, she represented Pakistan at the 2008 ITU Telecom Youth Forum Asia in Bangkok, where she was elected as one of the co-chairs.

The purpose of the 2009 ITU Cybersecurity and ICT Applications Essay Competition was to increase awareness of cybersecurity and the potential of ICT Applications, and give young people, especially from developing countries, exposure to main issues related to these topics and to ITU’s ongoing work in this area. Congratulations Aneeqa and we all are looking forward to updates from Geneva!

Blogging 101

M. Zain Mustafa, DE 29, DCE

Blogging 101 was an initiative by ICTEC (Information Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship club) to expose emenents to the fast expanding web culture. The main attraction of the event was the guest speaker, Badar Kushnood, currently the country advisor to Google for Pakistan. So powerful were his words that by the time the event ended, every attendee had his mind set to open his own blog as soon as possible, myself included.

Badar started off with some videos and statistics on slides. Amongst the many statistics displayed, Pakistan was shown as the world’s 3rd largest country in terms of broadband usage, just above India and the 4rth largest in term of mobile phone usage, just below India. Badar then continued on to introduce ways for programmers to get projects off the web and earn money through them. He was very interactive with the audience, and involved them throughout the event. Continuing on, he departed various invaluable tips and tricks for bloggers to boost their popularity on the web. He comprehensively discussed how to use services such as Insight, Google Alerts and SCO to your Blog’s advantage, but perhaps his most meticulous discussion was pertained to the Google Ad sense service and the Pay per Click (PPC) concept. This was the focal point of the event, as Badar showed the audience how easy and simple it was to earn money off the web.

Along Badar, guests to the event were Haris Nadeem and Faheem Mumtaz. These two were invited by Badar as success stories for blogging in Pakistan for the event. Haris, a 1st year FSC student from Lahore is a blogger who owns, left the audience in awe just by revealing that he earns an average $4000 a month, and has worked for CNN as a reporter, all courtesy of his Blog. A minor as yet, Haris was a standing example of the outstanding potential within Pakistan towards development of media on web. The other guest for case study, Faheem was a professional in Search Engine Optimization from Islamabad. His Blog,, is a simple yet successful implementation of the idea of uploading paper Ads onto the web.

Blogging 101 was a Red Bull sponsored event. Halfway though the event, the Red Bull team served the addressees with a can each, stirring up more energy in an already enthusiastic audience.

As the event approached its end, all three guests positioned themselves onto the stage and invited queries from the audience, which battered them with questions ranging all over Badar’s talk. The event ended in an atmosphere of high energy and enthusiasm.

Registration for the Career Counselling Session

ICTEC in collaboration with Alumni Association brings to you a comprehensive Career Counselling event !images

Sponsored by RED BULL

Register at:

Whether you need advice on resume writing or want to improve your interview skills?
We have it all under one roof…CAREER ADVICE, RESUME WRITING, INTERVIEW tips and even MOCK INTERVIEWS by alumni of EME. Be guided by the best of the industry on what they look for when they are in the hiring seat. Know the first hand experiences of different people from different sectors of industry. Get the answers to your entire career oriented questions in one place.

Tentative Event Schedule:

9:00 A.M. Career Advice session
10:30 A.M. Tea Break
11:00 A.M. Resume And Interview Tips
11:45 A.M. Mock Interviews
1:00 P.M. End of Event
Event Details:

1) Career Advice session:

9:00 A.M. Presentation /Talk by panelists
10:00 A.M. Q&A Session                                                                                            Duration 90 minutes
Nature Semi-formal

Four/Five Panelists with expertise/experience in any of the following areas:
• Telecom Sector
• IT Sector (Software /Application/Web Development)
• Supply Chain Department(Product Industry)
• R & D Sector
• Energy Sector(Oil &Gas)
• Management in any services or product oriented company

Each panelist will be given 10/15 minutes to give an overview of career in his respective field. Half hour will be dedicated to questions and answers. Each panelist will answer questions asked from him/her.
2)Resume and Interview Tips:

11:00 A.M. Presentation /Talk by panelists                                                            Duration 45 minutes
Nature: Interactive
Two to three panelists who have had experience of short listing candidates and interviewing them

3)Mock Interviews:

11:45 A.M. Interviews                                                                                                  Duration 75 minutes

Four interviews from students representing each of the four departments i.e. Electrical, Mechanical, Computer and Mechatronics, each of duration 10/15 minutes. At the end of each interview, the assessors will give a summary of the mistakes made by students during the interview.

Guest Speakers/Panelists:

1. Muhammad Ali Khan -DE16 E- BE and MBA-working in Telenor Finance as Manager
2. Salman Malik -DE16M- BE and MBA.
3. Umair Afzal- DE18E…
4. Waqas Jabbar- DE18E- BE & MS,… self employed as well as working as consultants for some SW houses…. BE & MS
5. Shahzad Javed – 18M
6. Jehanzeb Khan – 18C.
7. Faisal Abdullah -DE18C ,working as CEO for an offshore R&D setup
8. Haris Anis – 21C
9. Tahir Abbas – 21E
10. Adeel ur Rehman DE19C
11. Muzammil Butt DE24C ,working in mobilink in RF
12. Syed Usman Ali DE-26E

We’ll be updating the list of speakers and their profiles.
There is no registartion fee.Transport will be provided for pick and drop.

If you want to volunteer for mock interview ,kindly email to with your name,degree,discipline and ur updated resume.

For any queries,please contact:

Aneeqa Ishaq(President ICTEC)
Uzair Sukhera(VP ICTEC)







BrightSpyre captures new audience at College of E. &M.E, NUST

 Written by: Aneeqa Ishaq

On 20th march, the ICTEC (Information Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship Club), EME organized its first event, a lecture by Mr. Atif Mumtaz (CEO BrightSpyre – Online job portal) on “Technology for Social Good”. Mr. Atif was accompanied by Miss Shumaila Kiyani (SEECS- Social Entrepreneurship Club) and Miss Mariam (BrightSpyre).

The session took off with the address of Miss Aneeqa (President ICTEC) who introduced the club ICTEC and briefly described the main sections of the club. The objective of our ICT and Entrepreneurship Club (ICTEC) is to promote use of ICTs in education, administration and entrepreneurship. One of the club’s key objectives is to create opportunities for students to learn about entrepreneurship and to use ICTs in their different entrepreneur ventures. This was followed by a brief description of the web initiative of ICTEC – EME Web team by Mr. Uzair (Vice President ICTEC).Then Mr. Atif Mumtaz was invited to present the lecture.

Mr. Atif Mumtaz being an entrepreneur for quite a while has lots of experience in the field. He has three companies to his name (BrightSpyre, Personforce and Cogilent Solutions) and is also the founder of tele-health project which is under progress in a rural village of Pakistan. The purpose of this project is to provide inexpensive but quality medical facilities to the villagers.

Mr. Atif highlighted the main aspects of entrepreneurship which included the basic types, their differences and the difficulties faced during the process of creating a new business. He spontaneously invited students to come with innovative ideas for a sustainable project and gave advice on how those ideas could be made a reality. His presentation was very inspiring and motivational with references to several leading entrepreneurs of current era. Most of the concerns of students regarding initiating a new business were cleared and all the queries were well answered. He also discussed his current tele-health project in detail with the students and invited volunteers. It was a very interactive session and students really enjoyed it.

Mr. Atif Giving Presentation in ECR

Dr. Shahid having a discussion with Mr. Atif Mumtaz


Aneeqa Ishaq President ICTEC introducing her club to the audience

Our placement officer Dr. Shahid joined Mr. Atif and Miss Mariam over tea and various prospects regarding the arrangement of further lectures especially on resume writing skills and interview skills were brought up. Miss Mariam also discussed the idea of placing a BrightSpyre portal on our college website with Dr. Shahid. ICTEC team and Miss Shumaila talked about several ideas of collaboration between SEECS and EME on different projects.


ICTEC team is really thankful to Mr. Atif Mumtaz and Ms. Mariam for giving us their valuable time. We also appreciate the support of BrightSpyre team in organizing the event and look forward to future collaboration regarding such events. Special thanks to Ms. Shumaila for her valuable guidance and suggestions to make our club more active.


Students attending the lecture having a group photograph.

Technology for Social Good

Welcome everyone!

The Orientation of the ICTE Club will start at ECR tomorrow (20th March) 0945 hrs followed by the lecture by CEO BrightSpyre Atif Mumtaz on “Technology for social Good”

The lecture will focus on the following areas:

  • What is Social Entrepreneurship
  • What are the characteristics
  • What are the challenges and 
  • Examples of Social Entrepreneurial projects

VENUE: ECR LAB Computer department

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