It may well be the replica of our famous teach for America campaign buts its still warmly welcome. Its time to take things in hand before our time delay with developed world gets more than a decade. It’s the current generation which needs to stop this relativistic movement of the development frame of reference for developed world and Pakistan.

Our part of world is one facing immense problems of populations exploding exponentially and the development graph just doing, at best, to follow up a linear graph. Information Communication Technologies provide us with the platform to beat that ‘lags’ in development and population. Our neighbor India has already started to bridge the divides through their innovative technology solutions. They are trying to win the fight of Systems Vs Society by improving onto their systems.  TATA’s project of Computer Based Functional Literacy project is one of the epic examples of success stories which speak up for the case of use of technology in education. The project has been such a success that its being exported to Africa now.

If we do not act fast enough time will not stop for us! One of the classic problems with our system is the lack of means for us ‘expats’ to keep track of brilliant initiatives like Concern for Children where our capital can do marvels for little kids. Why do Indian cases make out to TED always? Simple ideas of educating the slum children, Dharkan 107.8 and Hole-in-the-wall are making a great impact. We need more work to develop platforms for investing in similar initiatives back home. Youth organizations like Pakistan Youth Alliance (comprising of ambitious youth) with their project Mashal are already delivering, all they need is your backing up and support.

All the message is. Teach for Pakistan

Else this will continue to happen to our next generations (forgive the sarcasm in the interviewer’s tone)