earthquake-hit HaitiConnectivity is not only necessary in daily routine life but it becomes very crucial in the times of disaster. Recently Haiti has been struck with a disastrous quake which has also cut off Haiti’s communications links. Re-establishment of Telecommunications in Haiti is essential for effective disaster management and efficient coordination of the rehabilitation efforts.

Many private and humanitarian organizations are contributing their part to re-connect Haiti. ITU has allocated a budget of more than 1 million USD to deal with this disastrous situation and is providing Satellite links to re-establish connectivity in the region. OLPC is offering free rugged laptops to go with rehabilitation/aid teams and are inviting such teams to contact them immediately. Telecoms Sans Frontiers (TSF) has deployed its team to provide immediate support in setting up emergency telecommunications.

We sincerely hope that Haiti would be re-connected to the world very soon!

Some pictures of Haiti Earthquake can be seen here.