The Azerbaijani Education Ministry aims to connect 7,000 educational institutions to high-speed Internet as part of the “state program on informatization of education in 2008-2012”, as declared by Education Minister Misir Mardanov on June 12, 2009.

The action plan of the state program includes improving material and technical base of educational institutions, equipping them with computer equipment, developing networks and intranet access to the Internet, creating electronic research tools in all disciplines, resource base of e-education (e-learning), Information and Resource Center in the application of ICT in education, a single educational portal, measures to promote distance education in the country, educational informatization management system, strengthening of human capacity and improving the regulatory framework.

Under this program, AZEDUNET is collaborating with Azerbaijan Ministry of Education and Ministry of Communications and IT, to connect all the educational institutions of the country to the unique high-speed internet network.

Through the state program, 500 schools in Baku and Sumgait were expected to be connected to Azerbaijan data and resource center till the end of 2009. By December 2009, 350 schools of the capital Baku and Sumgait were already connected to the center.

For the protection of moral and psychological state of schoolchildren, AZEDUNET Azerbaijan education network is also operating the web-content filtering system built on Web sense solutions. It filters websites included to limited category, and limits access to video audio files, harmful information searching in different languages over 60 categories in the search system. It gives the opportunity of providing maximum online protection to children from harmful content.

The Azerbaijan Education Ministry also plans to increase teachers’ skills and computer literacy in the year 2010. “A mechanism has been created to improve teachers’ skills”, Education Minister Misir Mardanov said at a press conference. According to the official, training sessions for primary school teachers in computer science and English would begin in 2010.

Source: Adapted from Trend News Agency (Azerbaijan)