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Blogging 101

Please Register for the BLOGGING 101 session here:


P@sha , BrightSpyre &

SEECS Social Entrepreneurship Club brings




“Turning Ideas into Reality”

8th May 2009 | 6:00pm – 9:00pm


The purpose of this session is to provide a platform to motivated and brilliant people, who are thinking of launching a startup ,get a handle on really what they’ve got and way to make it a success- an idea, a feature, a product, or a business and what not. Past events have attracted sizeable crowds of over 100 people per session.


This session will feature a panel of successful serial entrepreneurs with remarkable business experience. They will lead the audience through a series of evaluations critical in implementing the ideas into successful ventures.


The theme for the session is “Developing Ideas for Startup”.


You are encouraged to avail this fruitful opportunity to become a successful

Leader of Tomorrow!!!!


For registration please log on The last date for registration is 7th May 2009.Limited seats available therefore registration will be done on first come basis.

For more details contact Ms Shamila Keyani

Cyber security and ICT Applications Essay Competition

ITU is pleased to announce the launch of its 2009 Cyber security and ICT Applications Essay Competition!

Brought to you by ICT & Entrepreneurship Club (EME College, NUST)

About the Essay Competition

The purpose of the 2009 ITU Cybersecurity and ICT Applications Essay Competition is to increase awareness of cybersecurity and the potential of ICT applications, and give young people, especially from developing countries, exposure to the main issues related to these topics and to ITU’s ongoing work in this area.

It is hoped that the internships granted to promising students and recent graduates from ITU Member States through the essay competition will help build capacity in developing countries as these interns will be exposed to ITU activities, learn about the main international and regional actors in these fields, and constructively contribute with their country-specific insights into ITU’s work.

Read more about the 2009 ITU Cybersecurity and ICT Applications Essay Competition below:


1 April 2009: Launch of 2009 ITU Cybersecurity and ICT Applications Essay Competition

1 April14 June 2009: Applications accepted

14 June 2009: Deadline for applications

01 August 2009 (or as per arrangement with the competition winners): Start of the three month long 2009 cybersecurity and ICT applications internship programme in Geneva, Switzerland


The 2009 ITU Cybersecurity and ICT Applications Essay Competition is open to current students and recent graduates in economics, political science, law, literature, telecommunications, computer science, information systems and related fields between the ages of 20 and 30 years old.

The winners of the 2009 Essay Competition will be offered the opportunity of a consultancy contract within the ITU Development Sector’s ICT Applications and Cybersecurity Division for three months.

The winners will be given a contribution towards the cost of an economy class flight from their place of residence. In addition, they will be paid the sum of CHF 6000 towards living expenses for the duration of the contract.

[More information on how to apply can be found here.]


Choose one of the following essay topics to enter the 2009 ITU Cybersecurity and ICT Applications Essay Competition:

  • Mobiles for Development: Enabling Low-Cost e-Applications for Rural and Remote Areas (e-Health, e-Government, e-Environment)

  • Protecting Children and Youth in the Internet and Mobile Age: Innovative Technical and Social Solutions

  • Connecting the World Responsibly: Empowering Women and Girls Through Creative Uses of ICTs

  • Personal Information Online (internet/mobiles): Responding to User Safety Concerns

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