BrightSpyre captures new audience at College of E. &M.E, NUST

 Written by: Aneeqa Ishaq

On 20th march, the ICTEC (Information Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship Club), EME organized its first event, a lecture by Mr. Atif Mumtaz (CEO BrightSpyre – Online job portal) on “Technology for Social Good”. Mr. Atif was accompanied by Miss Shumaila Kiyani (SEECS- Social Entrepreneurship Club) and Miss Mariam (BrightSpyre).

The session took off with the address of Miss Aneeqa (President ICTEC) who introduced the club ICTEC and briefly described the main sections of the club. The objective of our ICT and Entrepreneurship Club (ICTEC) is to promote use of ICTs in education, administration and entrepreneurship. One of the club’s key objectives is to create opportunities for students to learn about entrepreneurship and to use ICTs in their different entrepreneur ventures. This was followed by a brief description of the web initiative of ICTEC – EME Web team by Mr. Uzair (Vice President ICTEC).Then Mr. Atif Mumtaz was invited to present the lecture.

Mr. Atif Mumtaz being an entrepreneur for quite a while has lots of experience in the field. He has three companies to his name (BrightSpyre, Personforce and Cogilent Solutions) and is also the founder of tele-health project which is under progress in a rural village of Pakistan. The purpose of this project is to provide inexpensive but quality medical facilities to the villagers.

Mr. Atif highlighted the main aspects of entrepreneurship which included the basic types, their differences and the difficulties faced during the process of creating a new business. He spontaneously invited students to come with innovative ideas for a sustainable project and gave advice on how those ideas could be made a reality. His presentation was very inspiring and motivational with references to several leading entrepreneurs of current era. Most of the concerns of students regarding initiating a new business were cleared and all the queries were well answered. He also discussed his current tele-health project in detail with the students and invited volunteers. It was a very interactive session and students really enjoyed it.

Mr. Atif Giving Presentation in ECR

Dr. Shahid having a discussion with Mr. Atif Mumtaz


Aneeqa Ishaq President ICTEC introducing her club to the audience

Our placement officer Dr. Shahid joined Mr. Atif and Miss Mariam over tea and various prospects regarding the arrangement of further lectures especially on resume writing skills and interview skills were brought up. Miss Mariam also discussed the idea of placing a BrightSpyre portal on our college website with Dr. Shahid. ICTEC team and Miss Shumaila talked about several ideas of collaboration between SEECS and EME on different projects.


ICTEC team is really thankful to Mr. Atif Mumtaz and Ms. Mariam for giving us their valuable time. We also appreciate the support of BrightSpyre team in organizing the event and look forward to future collaboration regarding such events. Special thanks to Ms. Shumaila for her valuable guidance and suggestions to make our club more active.


Students attending the lecture having a group photograph.